Leading Insurance Company Outsources Analytics to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

The Problem

The sales operations team at a leading U.S. insurer faced a constant backlog of requests. Sales, marketing and senior leadership regularly requested custom reports, deep-dive performance analytics and "what if" modeling. The sales operations team was understaffed and unable to keep up with the requests, which led to missed opportunities and low morale.

The Solution

The insurer partnered with ZS to create an outsourced sales analytics team that blended onshore and offshore resources. The ZS team offered deep expertise in marketing and sales analysis as well as a strong familiarity with the company’s selling model and its data. The team was up and running within a month, providing support across a range of deliverables, including:

  • Performance attribution, ROI analysis and statistical tests on marketing and sales campaigns
  • “What if” analyses in support of compensation modeling and contest design
  • Custom sales performance reporting to support sales leaders at HQ and in the field
  • Development of standardized and automated processes and tools for recurring operational activities

The operational lead from the insurer collaborated with the ZS team to direct project resources and had live access to a workflow tracking system to monitor progress.

The Results

The sales operations team was able to more than triple its productivity on a monthly basis. By outsourcing many tasks, the sales operations team was able to leverage the strengths of ZS and refocus attention on higher-level issues.