Leading U.S. Credit Card Company Optimizes Telesales Performance

The Problem

ZS Associates Case Study

A leading credit card provider was facing stagnant sales performance and limited profitability in its outbound call center. The company selected leads to call on based upon profile criteria, but otherwise did not discriminate in terms of when or how often it called prospective customers.

The Solution

ZS conducted a deep assessment of the selling process, including site visits, call audits and analyses of a call database encompassing many hundreds of thousands of records. Our analyses identified several improvements to how the company called upon accounts, including:

  • Establishing a profit-maximizing call frequency by customer segment
  • Optimizing calling by time of day
  • Implementing dynamic call planning that incorporates prior-call feedback

ZS worked closely with the client and its vendors to implement call algorithms and associated systems. An updated call plan was put into place in three months.

The Results

Within one month of implementation, the client saw a substantial improvement in its sales per hour and sales per contact. In total, sales per contact improved more than 20% and profitability improved more than 35%.