Market Research Case Studies

Armed with a deep understanding of customer needs, experiences and desires, we collaborate with our clients on maximizing the success of their marketing programs. In addition, our expertise in the pharmaceutical industry enables us to convert insights about patient and physician behavior into better commercialization decisions.

The following case studies illustrate how ZS used innovative methodologies to deeply understand customers and identify solutions to business challenges.


HCP Promotional Education Needs Assessment
ZS conducted a HCP Promotional Education Needs Assessment to help a client evaluate how existing programs were perceived, define customer wants and needs, and develop a plan with innovative approaches that could differentiate them from competitors.

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Image-Based Projective Techniques
ZS used Image-Based Projective Techniques to help a client uncover emotional motivators for a challenging customer segment.

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Patient Journey Narratives Deliver Actionable Insights
Based on the insights drawn from Patient Journey Narratives, our client's marketing team implemented a new strategy that led to renewed growth in length of therapy after three quarters of no movement.

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Real-Time Customer Feedback With MarketPulse
MarketPulse helped a ZS client maximize the success of a new product launch by gathering immediate customer feedback and facilitating necessary adjustments in marketing tactics.

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