Marketing Planning for a Pharmaceutical Company


A research-driven pharmaceutical company wanted to protect its industry-leading brand as several new and related products approached launch.

Our Approach

ZS interviewed key client stakeholders across functions, at both headquarters and in affiliates, studied prior brand plans and forecasts, evaluated the target markets, and brought industry benchmarks from our experience. This enabled us to robustly evaluate the key areas for improvement as well as exploit and embed best practices.

A series of market and product analysis, forecasting, and tactical workshops conducted at the headquarters level assisted our client in developing global guidance that serves as the basis of the local brand plans. At key milestones throughout the project process, we met with relevant stakeholders in the affiliates to incorporate their input and invite them to challenge the solution.

The final franchise planning and forecast process was rolled out at a worldwide marketing team meeting. The meeting was workshop driven, enabling the delegates to gain immediate hands-on experience with each element of the new process. Enablers, such as straightforward planning templates, best practices documentation, software tools for workshop facilitation, and forecasting software assisted in effective implementation across the organization.


ZS designed, developed, and helped implement a new therapeutic franchise brand planning and forecasting process that achieved a series of critical successes for our client:

  • Enabled consistency in planning and forecasting across headquarters and affiliates
  • Facilitated creative collaboration across affiliates to bring the best ideas to bear across all of their major markets
  • Strengthened linkages between market and customer analysis and the formulation of both strategies and specific marketing programs