Merging Pharmaceutical Companies


Two pharmaceutical companies jointly employing tens of thousands of sales representatives across some 40 countries needed to quickly and effectively merge their sales organizations.

Our Approach

ZS worked with both companies before the merger date, using a blank-slate approach, to establish shared models of customer coverage and sales outcomes that would ensure consistency and facilitate communication between companies within an extremely accelerated timeframe. We:

  • Identified customer strategies of each company to provide a shared reference point throughout the process
  • Explored alternative promotional plans efficiently with response modeling and econometric analysis
  • Took advantage of synergies in customer coverage, channel coverage, and portfolio overlaps
  • Based final strategies on objective ROI criteria


In two months, ZS helped the client roll-out a worldwide integrated sales strategy that delivered cost and sales synergies, enabled almost-immediate implementation of merger goals, and focused the company’s attention back on its customers. Regular communication enabled consistent implementation across countries, yet supported necessary local adaptations. The client’s market share actually grew during the merger.