Patient Journey Narratives Deliver Actionable Insights

Capture longitudinal patient experiences and elicit drivers of decision-making.

Patients have an active and growing voice in their medical care. Factors such as the advent of DTC advertising, health information websites, and increasing financial responsibility for their treatments means patients are more more informed and engaged in these decisions.

ZS created Patient Journey Narratives to provide a deep, personal understanding of the entire patient experience. This solution uses the complementary methodologies of longitudinal on-line patient journals and individual interviews that incorporate projective techniques designed to elicit targeted information.

Understanding the emotional and physiological aspects of how patients see their journey with their condition is critical for marketers. It helps them create more impactful disease state campaigns, product experiences, marketing campaigns, compliance programs—essentially any direct patient marketing outreach.

How Patient Journey Narratives Helped Increase One Brand’s
Retention Rate

A ZS client used Patient Journey Narratives to understand the primary emotional drivers behind adoption and adherence for their product. Based on the insights drawn from the narratives, the client's marketing team implemented a new strategy that led to renewed growth in length of therapy after three quarters of no movement.

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