Unifying Theme Provides Consistent Patient Experience

The Problem



A leading pharmaceutical brand’s various marketing agencies had developed patient marketing campaigns over the years. The result: a patient educational experience lacking a coherent theme and consistent feel. Although many patients had a strong affinity for the brand once they used it, the brand suffered from lower-than-expected sales.

The Solution

ZS facilitated patient research and workshops with all of our client’s marketing agency partners to create a unifying theme across all patient and health care professional (HCP) tactics for the brand. The agency partners then used that theme to create a more integrated and consistent patient experience. 

To develop the unifying marketing campaign theme, the ZS team:

  • Scheduled patient in-depth interviews immediately prior to a two-day working session to help our clients and their agencies become intimately familiar with the patient experience and perceptions.
  • Developed a baseline patient journey narrative to which all marketing tactics could be mapped as the backbone of the experience.
  • Conducted design and mind-mapping exercises to define a unifying theme for the experience.
  • Mapped out the current and future patient experience to identify the largest gaps and challenges.


  • In two days, ZS and the client developed a unified marketing theme that was applicable to both patient and HCP audiences, which drove a more integrated and consistent patient experience.
  • Uncovered opportunities to redesign specific elements of the client’s patient support programs to be consistent with the theme.