Real-Time Customer Feedback With MarketPulse

Discover and decode market signals about your product—in real time

Every In the intense contest for market share, you need to pick up on—and respond to—market signals today, not six weeks or six months from now.

Traditional market research can't deliver immediate market signals that give you the opportunity to change marketing tactics quickly and with confidence. MarketPulse can because it collects information as customers experience a product, market event or learn new information.

MarketPulse is a proprietary tool that yields instantaneous feedback, generates continuous signals, reveals wide-ranging and candid opinions that go beyond typical survey responses, and sums up reactions based on peer input that uncover the deeper meanings behind what people are thinking about your product.

This creates a real-time picture of customer beliefs, perceptions and behaviors, enabling you to be highly informed now, and allowing you to make course corrections quickly to maximize the performance of your brand.

How MarketPulse Helped Increase One Brand's Adoption Rate

MarketPulse helped a ZS client maximize the success of a new product launch by gathering immediate customer feedback and facilitating necessary adjustments in marketing tactics.

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