Sales & Marketing Tool Design for an Oil Company


A global oil company wanted to build value-based selling capabilities along with a structured and integrated sales process. The client needed a method to institutionalize the sales process and equip the sales force with value-selling capabilities.

Our Approach

ZS led the client through several initiatives, including an initial sales force effectiveness assessment, collection of customer insights, definition of value propositions for all product and service offerings, and the design of a sales process.

To ensure adoption of the new value-based selling approach, ZS worked with the client to customize JavelinTM Account Management, ZS’s sales support software. The software allows sales representatives to easily customize marketing collateral and match individual customer needs with the product, service, and program offerings that create value for both parties in the deal. It takes the selected offerings and automatically generates a presentation that reinforces the value that the offering brings to the customer.


ZS created value-based selling tools for the client that helped the sales team produce high quality, professional-looking sales materials that provided customers with consistent and accurate messaging. Because of these tools:

  • Sales representatives spent more time on high-value selling and planning and less time finding, gathering, and formatting information for customer presentations.
  • Sales representatives focused customer conversations away from price and towards mutual value creation.
  • Customers noticed the higher level of professionalism and business knowledge conveyed by their sales representatives and were more responsive.
  • Sales managers began to see a consistent value-based selling model in action