Lung Cancer Was the Most Discussed Tumor Type at ASCO 2015

At ASCO 2015, health care providers (HCPs) discussed a number of tumor types and clinical trials. Lung cancer was the most discussed tumor via social media at ASCO ’15, and it also experienced the biggest growth in social media exposure over 2014. Twitter volume increased by four times compared with last year and was fueled by strong interest in non-small cell lung cancer - both squamous and non-squamous histologies. As expected, the CheckMate 057 trial generated the most buzz, 67% of which was positive. Based on the buzz, it appears the MDs are poised to incorporate nivolumab as the new standard of care in second line therapy for non-squamous patients.

An overview of ASCO social media trends is available in the infographic Key Social-Media Trends at ASCO 2015.


Download this infographic.