How Do Oncology Companies Compete When They Can’t Win on The Data Alone?

Hosted by: Jennifer Curtis, Marketing Strategy Manager Featuring: Pranav Srivastava, Associate Principal, Oncology Customer Experience Bill Coyle, Principal, Global Value & Access Falko Graf-Meisner, Manager, EU Key Account Management Produced by: Matilda Males, Strategy Insights & Planning Associate


Over the last decade the combination of high unmet patient need and revenue potential has resulted in companies of all sizes moving into the Oncology space. Now competition is fierce and the pathway to success has many obstacles. There are more and more “‘me-too”, less clinically differentiated assets competing the same space with high prices. So, what is a pharma company to do when talking about the data is just not enough to win? In this podcast three ZS experts share insights on how to compete in this landscape.

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