Case Study: How ZS and Customer Data Management Boosted the Bottom Line

Jeff Gold

Video Transcript – Jeff Gold, Principal

How did one major medical device manufacturer maximize its ROI in customer data management?

Despite this significant investment in quite an elaborate system, sales and marketing still struggled to get the information they needed to make important decisions for their jobs. Decisions around segmentation, targeting, sales force structure, alignment, setting compensation goals, [and] just doing regular performance reporting was really a struggle for them. This meant it was really hard to react to market changes when competitors were launching new products or increasing the size of their sales force or increasing their marketing investment.

There was always a lag for this organization to find out about what was happening, and also to have the information at their fingertips to be able to quickly react and make the right decisions. So we set out to work with the client to build a fully integrated customer data management solution specifically to support sales and marketing activities.

ZS Insight: The company could improve efficiency and quality through outsourcing

Now, this client decided that they would be best served by a fully outsourced solution, so we built a solution at ZS, and we operate it for them on a periodic basis. So what this has enabled sales and marketing to do is that they're so much more efficient now when it comes time for ad hoc or periodic analysis.

Bottom line results: Increased efficiency for analysis as much as 50%

So we see ranges in their efficiency from anywhere from 20% to 50% depending on whether it's segmentation, targeting alignment, goal setting—you name it, they can be more efficient.

But I think what's the most important outcome of this solution is that now the client really understands and knows who their most valuable customers are. So when it comes time to plan those investments, both within the sales force and within marketing, they know where they're likely to have the highest return on their investment.

What were the keys to the client's success?

First of all, they leveraged assets that we already have at ZS, from the data models, the processes, to the governance, [and] the people—really helped accelerate the delivery and reduce the risk of the project. They focused on what were the most important components of the solution, and also which things could be implemented with lower risk.

I think the third thing is throughout the entire project, the people at ZS, the people within the business, [and] the people within IT at the client organization never lost sight of what the most important objective was of the project, and that was identifying who are our most important customers.