Case Study: Strengthening Sales and Cutting Costs Through Data Quality Management

Video Transcript – Abhijit Nimgaonkar, Principal

Data issues were kind of waylaying the whole process. And either delaying things, or causing a lot of rework and causing a lot of, essentially, effort and pain.

There was a client that we worked with where their targeting process was an issue. They worked numerous inputs into this process, whether it’s customer profiles or past targeting plans and so on. And what this client constantly saw was issues with the data that was used to put together the next targeting plan for the sales force. So very important exercise, and very time critical.

There was scope for improvements in many different areas. So one was just becoming a lot more systematic about managing the data that’s coming into this process. And there, you can use a lot of automation to check the inputs coming in, but also automate some of the assessments.

I think the second area, then, was, as the data went through the process, what are the checks that get put in along the way? And there, you do need to introduce some human judgment in making sure that things look right, because it starts to become a little gray.

Finally, I think the third thing that we realized was that this is a function that is very essential to making sure that a lot of our business analytics and business operations use the right information. And so there was a need to raise visibility within the organization regarding the importance of this function, and the need to invest in it more than they had done before.

And I think using all of this, I think the results were pretty amazing. That client has been running for the last three iterations without any issues at all. I think the amount of effort has gone down, as I recall, by about 15%, which was the amount of effort used in either in rework or in validating data in the first place. And I think overall, the accuracy and timeliness of the information going out has increased tremendously.

Getting it right has huge payoffs in terms of operational costs, in terms of efficiency, in terms of quality of life of people who are burdened with making sure the data is right. And ultimately, of course, sales results. If you’re providing the right information at the right time, that’s going to have a huge impact on your top line as well.