Four Benefits of a Transformed Sales Force

Video Transcript – Mike Moorman, Managing Principal, Go-to-Market Strategy and Transformation (GST) Practice

ZS’s Go-to-Market Strategy and Transformation (GST) practice focuses on working with sales leaders in a very comprehensive way to assess their overall effectiveness across the key drivers of performance, as well as helping them to develop the strategies and capabilities to maximize their impact on organic growth. The outcome that we’re seeking when we do that really is four conditions.

One of those conditions is that we have a sales strategy that is deeply rooted in customer insight. And the components of sales strategy that we might focus on there would be things like, how do we choose to segment the market? How do we choose to position our value proposition strategy? What is the sales process that we are going to adopt? What are the channels we’re going to adopt in the sales force structure?

Element number two is really focused on covering the account universe. Not all the accounts, but the accounts that are the valuable accounts for us to sell to. And then covering the account universe, what we’re really trying to do is to make sure we show up. If we don’t show up, we can’t win. And some of the drivers that we would focus on there would be things like, the structure of our sales force, the size of our sales force, the deployment of our sales force.

The third condition that we have to achieve is that when we do show up, we have to be effective. We have to make sure that each and every sales call is as high impact as possible. Some of the drivers that we would focus on there would be things like our sales processes, our account planning, our call planning, and the skills and capabilities of our people that derive from our hiring strategies, from our training, from our coaching models, and from the tools that we provide our sales force.

And the fourth element that we really have to focus on to be successful and maximize impact is to have a highly motivated, performance-focused sales culture. We have to want it. We have to be driving for it. And if we don’t have a motivated, accountable sales culture, we’ll tend to drift into complacency, which can undermine our overall sales effectiveness. We’ve got to be going for it. And we’ve got to be focused on delivering outcomes that are important to the company success.

This video is part of the "Sales Force Transformation - Developing a Customer-Focused Growth Engine" series.