Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Drive Efficiencies and Make Smart Decisions

Arun Shastri and Jason Brown

Targeting the right advisor, in the right channel, with the right message at the right time can be a challenge – but AI can help. In this video excerpt from our webinar, The Human Aspects of Implementing AI-Augmented Distribution ( /publications/webcasts/human-aspects-of-implementing-ai-augmented-distribution ) , ZS’s Arun Shastri explains how to leverage AI to make the sales process more efficient. Below is a transcript of the video.

Arun Shastri: One of my clients is a Fortune 500 high-tech [firm], and they have an inside sales team. The inside sales team is faced with the following challenge: They have 120 customers on average. These are small to medium corporations. These 120 customers have lots of different buyers within. They buy a broad range of product, everything from cloud services to productivity to databases. So, you need some internal experts, you need to work well with partners and other channels in helping you complete the delivery of the solution to the customer. This seems like a right situation to enable that selling organization with AI because AI can help you coordinate across these multiple resources, better understand the various buyers within the organization, and enable your chances of success.

A core team that is interested in ensuring that there is adoption of the recommendations the AI system is generating [is important]. The core team ensures that these AI-driven recommendations are natural according to the sales person, so [they don’t create] extra work. It should be a natural flow of how they engage with their customers, how they execute on any given day. These recommendations themselves are transparent, it is very clear to the sales person why such recommendation has been made, so it is natural for them to act on it as oppose to leave it and scratch their heads and ask, ‘What you want me to do with that information?’ and then ultimately, we hold both the sales person and AI accountable. Are you delivering good results with those recommendations as an AI system? And as a sales person, are you following up with these recommendations? If not, why? And if you are, is it translating into results? So, the recommendations are prioritized, they are relevant, they are simple and they are delivered in a way that it occurs in a natural flow of how this company executes its selling processes and that’s what drives it. [In this case], the leadership team was committed to seeing the success all the way through. They invested in it, people were patient and they built on it piece by piece and they continuously built on it until they got it right and it became implementable.