New Sales Models for European Pharma: Apprenticing Key Account Manager Skills

Video Transcript – Chris Morgan, Principal

The pharma industry is justly proud of the level of training that it provides to its salespeople. But I think it’s time to go beyond that.

So why do I say that? Because a lot of the capabilities we need to develop for the future, for example key account management, involve a lot of judgment and insight. And skills like that are apprenticed, not taught.

It’s a bit like learning how to make a speech, for example. I can give you lots of good advice about making eye contact, standing up straight, speaking clearly, and the different parts of a speech, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do a good speech. The only way you’ll get good is by practicing, and with advice and guidance from someone who knows how to do it well.

So if it’s apprenticed, if I want to learn how to be a carpenter, I’ll go and apprentice with a carpenter. I was want to learn how to be an electrician, I’ll apprentice with an electrician. But if I want to be a pharmaceutical key account manager, who do I apprentice with? And that’s the challenge for the pharma industry, is how do we build a robust and purposeful coaching model that supports that apprenticeship model into the future.

This video is part of the "New Sales Models for European Pharma" series.