New Sales Models for European Pharma: Implementing Key Account Management

This ZS thought leadership series examines how pharmaceutical companies can ensure they are taking the right steps when implementing new sales models in Europe.

Chris Morgan,
Managing Principal


ZS Videos: Finding Key Account Managers and How KAM Skills Are Apprenticed, Not Taught

Typically, pharmaceutical companies in Europe can find only 30% of key account managers (KAMs) within their own company. How do they make up the difference? ZS Principal Chris Morgan talks about the challenge of hiring key account managers, and why companies need to embrace internal development of KAMs. Watch the video.

An accompanying video shows that companies can’t fully develop KAM skills through training. Chris says that key account manager skills are best apprenticed rather than taught—KAMs need to learn skills that can’t be learned in a classroom. Watch the video.


Joachim Keller,
Associate Principal


ZS Interview: Key Account Management in Germany

Changes in the German health care system are forcing pharmaceutical companies to reassess key account management and move to “KAM 2.0.” In an interview, Joachim Keller, an Associate Principal for ZS based in Frankfurt, talks about these changes to the German health care system and what pharmaceutical companies must do to make KAM work. Read the ZS Interview


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