New Sales Models for European Pharma: Structuring Key Account Management

The second part of this ZS series examines how pharmaceutical companies can ensure they are taking the right steps when embarking on new sales models in Europe. Click here to view Part I of the series.

Chris Morgan,
Managing Principal


ZS Videos: Developing Rep Capabilities and Key Account Management

ZS Principal Chris Morgan shows why reps need to develop new capabilities for emerging sales models. Companies that develop those capabilities now, before new sales models are dominant, will have a competitive advantage over companies that do not. Watch the video.

And in the subsequent video, Chris shows that to ensure success with key account management (KAM)—a sales model that some pharmaceutical companies are already piloting—companies would be wise to implement KAM by starting small, using just a few account teams. Watch the video.


Sebastien Heilmann,


ZS Interview: Key Account Management in France

KAM may become the dominant pharma sales structure in France and the rest of Europe. Paris-based ZS Principal Sebastien Heilmann, in a ZS Interview, talks about the evolution of key account management in France, why key account management is important for the European pharma industry overall and how to overcome barriers to KAM success. Read the interview.


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