Oakwood Sales Force Transformation

How ZS Helped Oakwood Transform Its Sales Force

When competition and rapidly changing business conditions threatened to erode Oakwood Temporary Housing’s market dominance, company leadership turned to ZS for help. Working closely with Oakwood's sales and marketing leadership, ZS’s B2B practice helped transform Oakwood’s sales force from top to bottom: We did market segmentation work, defined new sales competencies, and developed a hiring process and incentive compensation plans that measurably improved results.

In this video, Oakwood vice president of sales operations Ken Revenaugh, ZS principal Scott Sims and ZS manager Josh Rosen discuss why the company needed to change, how it did so and the value ZS ultimately delivered to Oakwood.


About the Speakers


Ken Revenaugh
Vice President of Sales Operations, 
Oakwood Temporary Housing

Ken has worked in sales management for more than 15 years, developing and deploying tools, systems, practices and procedures that result in dramatic transformations in global sales performance. Ken has helped solved problems for sales organizations and has helped companies improve revenue through defining opportunities, developing strategic solutions, rallying stakeholders for change and driving implementation and adoption.




Scott Sims
Principal, ZS Associates, 
Commercial & Industrial Practice Leader

In more than 25 years of consulting experience, Scott has worked with more than 100 companies in the high tech, telecommunication, industrial and professional services markets, helping them realize the value of their customer relationships through the use of sales and marketing techniques and technology tools.




Josh Rosen
Manager, ZS Associates, 
B2B Sales & Marketing


Josh has helped clients with customer focus and growth strategy, go-to-market strategy, mergers and integration and business intelligence, and has worked with clients in the hospitality, professional services, high tech, industrial machinery, sports nutrition, paper and packaging industries.

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