Pharmaceutical Marketing That Works Part II


The “Marketing That Works” series of thought leadership continues with additional videos and interviews that illuminate ZS’s unique approach to pharmaceutical marketing.

How "Marketing That Works" Bridges Gaps and Produces Results
Managing Principal Kurt Kessler addresses the fundamental question for pharmaceutical marketers today, "How do we do more with less?" With sophisticated ideas on strategy and practical experience to make it happen on the ground, ZS creates marketing that works. Watch the video.

Case Study: "Marketing That Works" for a Stalled Brand
In a subsequent video, Kurt tells the story of a struggling brand that ZS helped re-position in the marketplace with dramatic results. Watch the video.


Kurt Kessler,
Managing Principal


As pharmaceutical companies enter new markets, the need for strong forecasting is greater than ever. Yet companies are grappling with constraints on marketing budgets, and forecasting is often one of the first areas to be trimmed. So how can pharmaceutical companies build better forecasting operations while keeping a lid on costs?

ZS Principal Judith Kulich addresses this question in a new video, showing how companies can improve operations and not let budget constraints impede the effort. Watch the video.


Judith Kulich
Judith Kulich, Principal

Q & A

In an accompanying ZS Interview, Judith talks about why pharmaceutical companies that fully integrate forecasting operations with marketing produce superior results, and offers advice on how to achieve best-in-class forecasting. Read the interview.

Marketing Mix

What's the best marketing mix for a given pharmaceutical brand? For an entire portfolio? Are companies maximizing their promotional spending? Though pharmaceutical marketers have grappled with these questions for years, today they must also deal with patent cliffs, regulatory restrictions and a plethora of new—and often untested—promotional programs.

ZS Principal John Bienko talks about these issues in a video, and how companies can measure and maximize their return on their promotional investments. Watch the video.


John Bienko, Principal

Q & A

In a ZS Interview, John explains why finding the right mix of promotions not only requires a complex marketing plan and accurate measurement, but also consideration of local conditions. Read the interview



Without tracking, there’s no way of knowing if a promotion is successful or the best ways to improve a current campaign. Yet many pharmaceutical executives think of tracking as simply metrics or, worse, a data dump—much to the detriment of their sales and marketing efforts.

In a new video, ZS Principal Bekia Fosam shows why tracking is central to successful pharmaceutical marketing, the consequences of not allocating the proper resources to tracking and shows ways to make tracking a competitive asset. Watch the video.


Bekia Fosam, Principal

Q & A

Bekia also talks about the importance of tracking in an accompanying ZS Interview, in which he details operational needs for successful tracking, and why “tracking without insights” is an enormous mistake. Read the ZS interview.


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