Sales Force Transformation: Developing a Customer-Focused Growth Engine

Part I: Transforming Your Sales Force to Ensure Profitable Growth

In today's selling environment, buyers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding while competition continues to escalate. Enhancing the effectiveness of your sales force has never been more crucial - nor more difficult.

Why Reshaping the Sales Force Boosts the Bottom Line


To maximize their sales and marketing investments, forward-thinking companies are transforming their sales forces. ZS Principals Mike Moorman, Ty Curry and Erik Long describe how identifying the highest impact sales force effectiveness drivers, following a rigorous improvement process and leveraging deep customer insights can help transform the sales force—and deliver organic growth and profits.

Four Benefits of a Transformed Sales Force



Transforming the sales force is a difficult journey, but the impact can be dramatic. Mike Moorman, Principal of ZS's Go-to-Market Strategy and Transformation (GST) practice, describes the major outcomes of sales force transformation, including deeper customer insight, better customer coverage, higher impact sales interactions and increased focus on performance.

ZS Interview: Why Sales Executives May Need to Transform Their Thinking and Sales Forces


While B2B purchasing processes have become extremely sophisticated, sales forces haven’t always kept up. For some sales forces, continuous improvement approaches can close the gap. Others need a more fundamental transformation of sales strategy and sales force capabilities.

In a ZS Interview, Mike Moorman elaborates on why and how many companies are seeking to transform their sales strategies and capabilities.

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