The ZS Experience Room™: Uncover New Insights With Clinical Trial Simulations

To help life sciences companies improve the patient experience during clinical trials, ZS has launched the ZS Experience Room™.

The ZS Experience Room™ is a physical space—with the same look and feel as a doctor’s office waiting area and exam room—for life sciences companies to perform live simulations of clinical trials. During a simulation, companies will play the role of physician, and, as they engage with patients and sales reps played by actors, they’ll experience the positive impact of customer-centric marketing firsthand. Companies will capture unbiased, real-time, simulated-patient feedback and uncover insights that will help them design a more effective clinical trial and a better patient experience before investing time and resources into a real trial. With that experience, they’ll be able to develop more innovative and patient-centric solutions.

The ZS Experience Room™ Simulation

What’s included in a simulation?

Since simulations are tailored to a company’s specific needs, each one is a little different.

How long will a simulation last?

Simulations can last from just a few hours to several days, depending on your needs. ZS will meet with you first to learn about your goals in detail, design a tailored experience and then take you to The Experience Room™ for your simulation.

Where is The Experience Room™?

The Experience Room™ is located in Los Angeles. Another location will open in Princeton, N.J., soon.

How do I get started?

Contact us at to take the first step toward improving your patient experience with The Experience Room™.