Why and How Pharmaceutical Companies Can Become Customer Centric

The customer-centric sales and marketing approach predominant in other industries is coming to pharmaceuticals—and pharma companies are scrambling to cope. In three short videos, Pratap Khedkar, Managing Principal of ZS's Pharmaceuticals and Biotech practice, explains the implications of the shift to customer centricity, and shows how the "customer experience" and leveraging data analytics will expedite the process.

ZS Video: Does the Future of Pharma Sales and Marketing Stand in the Customer’s Shoes?

Pratap Khedkar


With a fragmented customer base and an explosion of marketing channels, companies are scrambling to implement a customer-centric sales and marketing approach in pharma—with enormous implications.

ZS Video: Design the Ideal Customer Experience

Pratap Khedkar


The first step in customer centricity means creating a positive customer experience, but what does "customer experience" actually mean, and how can companies willfully design it?

ZS Video: In Pharma Sales and Marketing, It’s Not Just About Touchdowns Anymore

Pratap Khedkar


In order to be customer centric, pharma companies must change how they measure success—instead of just throwing money at data and analytics.

These videos illustrate just how prevalent customer centricity will become in pharma, and how companies can develop a sustainable competitive advantage through a customer-centric approach.