Winning the Race in Business Intelligence

Companies that are able to draw real-time insights from their data will have a competitive advantage in commercial operations. In two short videos, Jeff Gold, Managing Principal of ZS's Business Intelligence practice, examines why BI is so important, what steps companies need to take in order to implement a BI solution and the common pitfalls to avoid that could make the difference between success and failure.

ZS Video: The Intelligence Behind Business Intelligence


The stakes are enormous and companies across the board are implementing solutions. Companies that aren’t pursuing real-time, mobile BI may find their sales and marketing at a decided disadvantage. Learn how to implement a solution that will deliver insight, add value and drive adoption rather than languish on the shelf.

ZS Video: Five Mistakes to Avoid in Building a Business Intelligence Solution


When implementing BI solutions, companies often make the same five mistakes that hamper the effectiveness of their solutions. Learn how to address these pitfalls to avoid deploying BI solutions that are setup to fail.


These videos illustrate just how important designing and implementing the right BI solution, from the right perspective can be in providing a sustainable competitive advantage that delivers the insights that sales and marketing need, when they need it.