Defending Against the Next Wave of Biosimilars

Christina Corridon, David Weil, Gustavo Poblete and Tucker Herbert


Biosimilar competition is disruptive and unpredictable: Not quite a true brand or a generic, it’s tough to predict what a biosimilar launch situation or go-to-market strategy will look like. We have examples to draw upon but no perfect analogues for each upcoming situation. It’s imperative to gather more customized insights related to a specific situation early to plan for varying biosimilar scenarios.

In this white paper, we discuss the risks of dragging your feet when it comes to preparing your biosimilar defense strategy, and how manufacturers can prepare to face the competition.

About the Experts

Christina Corridon is an associate principal in ZS’s Boston office and a leader in the firm’s oncology practice. She has more than a decade of experience working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, with specific expertise in oncology and biosimilars. During her consulting career, she has worked on U.S. and global projects spanning many facets of commercialization strategy, including launch strategy and planning, go-to-market strategy, commercial models, marketing strategy and brand planning.

David Weil is an associate principal in ZS’s San Francisco office. He has more than 14 years of experience advising clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries on a range of sales and marketing issues. With a focus on oncology and biotech clients, David specializes in competitive strategy, product life cycle planning, biosimilars strategy, and maximizing value on the people side of our clients’ business.

Gustavo Poblete is an associate principal in ZS’s San Francisco office. He focuses exclusively on issues related to market access, pricing, and contracting strategy and analytics. Gustavo has 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech space in the U.S. and Latin America, and he has worked with more than 15 pharmaceutical firms (eight of the top 10). The first half of his career was dedicated primarily to sales force sizing and structuring, resource allocation, customer segmentation and valuation, targeting and call planning. Now, his particular focus is on medical benefit specialty drugs.

Tucker Herbert is a manager in ZS’s Los Angeles office. He has advised major biotechnology firms on a broad range of sales and marketing strategy issues, with an emphasis on oncology and biosimilars. His experience has focused on global quantitative and qualitative primary market research and secondary data analytics. In addition, Tucker was one of the founding members of ZS’s biosimilars vertical, and has led more than 30 training sessions across North America and Asia on the topic.