Finding the Needle in the Haystack With Predictive Alerts

Arup Das, Ketan Saraf and Rahul Jeshnani

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As oncology products are increasingly competing within the same class, clinical evidence alone isn’t sufficient for differentiation. Now, many companies are investing in predictive analytics, which is critical to improving the customer experience—and for truly standing out in the crowded oncology marketplace.

Creating a predictive strategy, which can intelligently inform promotion tactics, can provide sales reps with relevant, timely insights and recommendations for the most effective course of action. These suggestions, or alerts, surface critical insights about why customer behavior is changing so that reps can address the right issue with each customer, prioritize sales opportunities and improve customer engagement. And with the automatic generation of these types of alerts, sales reps won’t waste time searching for useful insights amid a sea of information—akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

About the Experts

Arup Das is a manager in ZS’s Pune, India, office and has more than eight years of experience in providing sales and marketing advisory services through data-driven analytics. He leads ZS’s India oncology practice and the oncology data center of excellence. He is an expert in oncology data and analytics with significant experience across both primary and secondary data. Over the past few years at ZS, Arup has helped several clients commercialize products in oncology and specialty therapeutics. He has helped clients develop commercialization strategies, segmentations and global go-to-market strategies to successfully navigate the evolving oncology market dynamics.

Ketan Saraf is a consultant in ZS’s Pune, India, office and has seven years of experience in sales and marketing analytics and consulting. He has been a part of the ZS patient-level data expertise center and the oncology vertical, and he has worked with clients on numerous issue areas including segmentation, targeting, opportunity assessment, customer journey, promotion response, payer strategy, brand performance and forecasting. He has successfully developed and deployed data-driven oncology projects for multiple top-10 pharmaceutical clients.

Rahul Jeshnani is an associate consultant in ZS’s Pune, India, office and has more than four years of experience in sales and marketing analytics and consulting. He has been a part of the oncology vertical and ZS’s oncology data center of excellence. Rahul has worked across a mix of primary and secondary data with expertise in helping develop commercial organization design, segmentation, targeting, brand performance and data strategy for emerging oncology clients.