How Biosimilars Track a Unique Sales Path: Three Case Studies to Help Anticipate Biosimilar Entry in Your Market

Judith Kulich, Emily Jin

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After several stops and starts, biosimilars are making inroads in the U.S. biologic market. The FDA has established an approval pathway for biosimilars, while globally, biosimilar sales are expected to reach $24 billion by 2019.

So what does biosimilar market entry mean for biologic innovators? Are innovators doomed to major market share loss, as is often the case for small-molecule drugs coming off patent, or will the nature of a biologic and the condition it treats limit market share erosion?

This paper examines three case studies of biosimilar-like drug introductions in the United States, offering pointed insight on the specific circumstances and company tactics that affected market share.

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About the Experts

Judith Kulich is a Principal with ZS Associates in San Francisco and is the leader of ZS’s Forecasting practice. She is responsible for the development of ZS’s forecasting capabilities and dedicated client work, focusing on international forecast generation, platform development and capability building in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry.

Emily Jin contributed to this content while an Associate Principal at ZS Associates; she is now employed at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals.