How Your Clinical Trial Can Succeed in a Crowded Market

Chris Crabtree, Venkat Sethuraman and Caitlin Clunie O’Connor

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While there are many reasons for a delay in drug development, low patient participation is the most common one. Today, 72% of clinical trials ( ) fail to meet their original timelines by one month or more, and inefficient patient enrollment is a leading cause of delay. How can life sciences companies address this issue and improve patient enrollments? How can they differentiate their trials and improve patient engagement?

In this whitepaper, ZS experts share four key strategies that will help life sciences companies improve enrollment.

About the Experts

Chris Crabtree is an Associate Principal in ZS’s London office and the European lead for ZS’s R&D Excellence practice. Chris has 10 years of experience supporting pharmaceutical companies with ZS, across the product life cycle from R&D to commercialization. He has a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge and an M.B.A. from the London Business School.

Venkat Sethuraman is an Associate Principal in ZS’s Princeton, N.J., office and the global clinical lead within ZS’s R&D Excellence practice. Venkat has nearly 20 years of experience in R&D drug development life cycle with deep expertise in biostatistics, clinical trial design strategy, clinical trial optimization and regulatory approvals.

Caitlin Clunie O’Connor is an Associate Consultant in ZS’s London office. She holds a PhD in Cardiovascular Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Oxford and an MChem in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, from the University of Manchester.