Pharma's Road Map to Patient Centricity

Sharon Suchotliff, Hensley Evans and Jennifer Ntiri


Over the past decade, the healthcare ecosystem has slowly moved toward the “triple aim”: better healthcare experiences, improved outcomes, and a slowing of the growth of overall healthcare costs. While many pharma companies have focused on educating and engaging patients to promote shared decision-making, improved experiences and adherence, and reduced costs, many still struggle to define what patient centricity means or how to link efforts to business results.

Here's what is behind the urgent shift toward patient centricity, where many pharma companies struggle to meet patient expectations and the five dimensions we’ve found to be most critical to maturing in patient centricity.

About the Experts

Sharon Suchotliff is a manager in ZS’s New York office. She has 15 years of marketing communications experience across a broad range of categories, from fashion and lifestyle to pharma and healthcare. At ZS, she focuses on patient centricity and helping organizations incorporate the patient voice in development through commercialization.

Hensley Evans is a principal in ZS’s Zurich office and is the leader of ZS’s consumer and patient marketing practice. Hensley has worked with many of the world’s top healthcare, biopharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods brands to offer strategic direction and insight.

Jennifer Ntiri is a consultant in ZS’s New York office. With more than 10 years of cross-industry experience in marketing analytics, consumer experience design and product development, Jennifer leads projects to uncover consumer and patient insights.

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