The Race to Excel at Value-Based Selling: A New and Necessary Approach to Sales Talent Transformation

Mike Moorman, Linda Vogel

The sales profession is entering a new era. The differences in the skill set required to be a successful information provider versus that to be a value-based solution provider are dramatic. Information providers succeed through social relationships, product feature pitches and competitive pricing.

Value-based solution providers succeed through deep understanding of customers’ business models and needs, the ability to develop solutions specific to those needs and the ability to communicate and prove greater value than the alternatives. The important point is that value-based selling requires a level of business and financial acumen, knowledge of the customer’s business, and sales process skills that go well beyond those required to be an information provider.

The implications of these trends for sales and HR leaders are profound. This paper will explore the implications and how companies can approach the needed transformations in their sales forces.

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