Want Better Access to Physicians? Understand What’s Top of Mind

Pratap Khedkar, Malcolm Sturgis

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Sales reps’ access to physicians continues to decline, and in response, many pharmaceutical companies have—understandably—increased their use of other channels, like digital tactics, in an attempt to ensure that their messages are hitting their mark. According to ZS’s 2016 AffinityMonitor™ and AccessMonitor™ studies, however, that strategy isn’t always effective. Many doctors feel overwhelmed by the constant barrage of marketing messages, and pharmaceutical companies, therefore, aren’t seeing their desired ROI from the additional effort. A smarter strategy requires understanding physicians’ individual preferences for specific marketing channels, leading to better engagement.

In this executive summary of the 2016 AccessMonitor™ and AffinityMonitor™ study, Pratap Khedkar, ZS’s managing principal for pharmaceuticals and biotech, and Malcolm Sturgis, a principal who leads the AffinityMonitor™ and AccessMonitor™ offering, discuss the highlights of this year’s research and offer insights for firms that want to get smarter about sales and marketing effectiveness.

About the Experts

Pratap Khedkar is ZS’s managing principal for pharmaceuticals and biotech, based in Philadelphia. He has advised many pharmaceutical and healthcare companies on a wide range of sales and marketing issues, including multichannel marketing, marketing mix, promotion response measurement, managed-care issues, sales force strategy and incentive compensation.

Malcolm Sturgis is a principal in ZS’s Evanston, Illinois, office and leader of the firm’s AccessMonitor™ and AffinityMonitor™; offering. He has advised pharmaceutical and biotech clients on a range of strategic marketing issues, including brand strategy, opportunity assessment, investment optimization, multichannel planning and sales force design.