ZS Interview: Customer Insights—the Building Blocks for Sales Force Transformation

Erik Long

Erik Long ZS Associates

Erik Long,
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In today’s selling environment, buyers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding while competition continues to escalate. To maximize their sales and marketing investments, forward-thinking companies are transforming their sales forces to address these challenges and drive profitable growth.

At the heart of sales force transformation is a deep understanding of customers and prospects, including their needs and motivations, buying processes and preferences, basis for loyalty and their economic potential.

Customer insights provide the foundation for developing a highly effective sales organization, but too often, companies fail to develop the necessary insights to segment the market in a meaningful way or to create value propositions that will clearly differentiate them from competitors, says ZS Principal Erik Long.

Erik, who has worked extensively with companies on developing and leveraging effective customer insights, talked about why robust customer insight is so important to sales force effectiveness, and the high cost of inaction in an era of market complexity and functional silos.