ZS Roundtable: How Market Changes Are Reshaping Medical Products Companies' Sales and Marketing Operations

Pete Masloski, Chad Albrecht, Bret Caldwell, Marshall Solem, Kelly Tousi

Medical device companies are facing an especially challenging and uncertain market in the United States. Ongoing health care reform in the United States will have a significant, if uncertain, impact on how medical device companies should go to market. Other trends, such as the increasing importance of comparative effectiveness research and changes in how providers view their relationships with the industry, are also causing companies to rethink their approaches.

Five ZS principals in its Medical Products and Services Practice—Chad Albrecht, Bret Caldwell, Pete Masloski, Marshall Solem and Kelly Tousi— recently convened a roundtable to discuss the implications of these trends on the medical device industry's sales and marketing practices.

The discussion includes in-depth analysis on the possible impact of health care reform, restrictions on sales representatives and comparative effectiveness and how sales and marketing practices have changed, including the evolution of medical device sales models and the increased use of sales performance metrics.

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