ZS Roundtable: How Medical Products Companies in Europe Are Embracing New Sales Strategies to Address Cost Challenges

Tobi Laczkowski, Brian Chapman, Roz Lawson, Matt Scheitlin

Almost every industry is struggling to keep costs down in a time of economic stagnation, and medical products companies in Europe are no different. Sales and marketing cost challenges are particularly difficult. Companies need to restructure and realign their value propositions, and create new customer-facing roles to ensure they have the right cost structure and grow market share.

In Europe, these issues are particularly vexing, as medical products companies often must build sales teams and processes for individual countries, which have their own rules, regulations and market dynamics that drive how a medical products company will structure its organisation. ZS Associates recently held a roundtable discussion with four ZS medical products experts based in Europe to talk about how medical products companies are keeping the costs of their efforts in check while trying to keep their growth strong.

Europe is a market unlike any other, presenting unique sales and marketing challenges. Facing competitive pressures and constantly changing market dynamics and regulations, medical products companies are trying a host of strategies to cope, such as consolidating or changing services, implementing organisational changes and using contract sales organisations, all in the hope of cutting costs while not stifling growth.

ZS Associates recently convened a roundtable to discuss these issues. Four senior employees based in Europe—ZS Associate Principals Brian Chapman and Tobi Laczkowski, and Managers Roz Lawson and Matt Scheitlin—took part in the roundtable.

Tobi Laczkowski moderated the panel. Excerpts from the wide-ranging discussion are reproduced below.

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