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Analytics Process Optimization (APO)™

Harness the Data Influx to Transform Your Commercial Operations

Our world is awash in data. Both data volume and complexity are increasing exponentially while resources for supporting analytics are often static or contracting. Within the right framework, analytics can help you harness new sources of data to transform your company's operations. Companies can actually outperform their peers up to 20 percent by aggressively capturing and integrating new data sources that produce insights about consumer behavior and key trends.

Superior analytics is no longer a "nice to have" option—it’s an essential weapon for winning in a highly competitive marketplace. But the opportunities come with significant challenges:

  • How will you meet short turn-around times and faster product-to-market cycles?
  • How can you mine advanced sources of data with limited resources?
  • If you seek a low-cost analytics outsourcing option, will you lose competitive edge to meet your business needs?

Without an optimal analytics solution, costs may continue to rise while business impact falters. When channeled effectively, data analytics can reduce costs and drive sustainable competitive advantage.

Dramatically Increase Efficiency with ZS Associates'
APO™ Solutions

ZS Associates’ Analytics Process Optimization (APO)™ services provide a customized, end-to-end solution to your data influx dilemma. At ZS, we design, build and operate leading sales and marketing analytics that are tailored to your business. Our APO™ solutions help you identify new sources of growth and fine-tune performance while future-proofing your operations. In fact, we estimate our clients increase efficiency up to 50 percent during their first year.

Because ZS has deep roots in sales and marketing analytics, our outsourcing solutions are specifically designed to improve your operations in areas such as sales, compensation, information management and reporting, territory and account planning, and marketing campaign design and management. Our
APO™ solutions help you achieve your goals on multiple levels:

  • Deep Domain Expertise – Our deep knowledge of sales, marketing, technology, and operations generates insights that integrate seamlessly into your business because they are tailored to your organization’s decision making needs
  • End-to-End Spectrum of Commercial Analytics – Our end-to-end capabilities cover a broad spectrum of data analytics: ad hoc, ongoing or project-specific
  • Timely and Responsive Processes – Our global delivery model and ready-to-use templates ensure rapid implementation of commercial analytics and organizational scalability
  • Efficiency – Flexible deployment of highly skilled, offshore talent plus advanced, proprietary technologies and business tools enable lean and fast project teams
  • Data-Driven Strategy – The quantitative sophistication of our analytics solutions facilitates integration of diverse sets of commercial data, generating insights that guide strategy

Why is ZS a Pioneer in Sales and Marketing Data Analytics?

ZS Associates has nearly 30 years of business-to-business sales and marketing consulting experience. With our Analytics Process Optimization (APO)™ solutions, we are pioneers in the application of data analytics in sales and marketing. We have helped shift the industry from intuitive decision making to quantitative, fact-based strategy. ZS serves as a consulting and implementation partner who delivers data analytics tailored to your precise business needs. Quite simply, we know what works for your business, and we know how to achieve those results.

The domain expertise found within our APO™ services sets us apart from other outsourcing providers. And, it can make a measurable difference in your business outcomes and total costs.

  • We lead the consulting industry for deep expertise in sales and marketing effectiveness, employing 2,000 highly trained professionals committed to your success
  • Our engagements involve the full spectrum of sales and marketing activities, so we see both the upstream and downstream implications of our recommendations
  • Our methodologies for developing, operating and managing APO™ solutions have been proven in the field, with thousands of projects successfully implemented through our flexible, global delivery model