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Technology Products and Platforms


Make the right strategic decisions with just-in-time, actionable insight

Stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-changing business environment by helping sales and marketing functions make strategic, insight driven, prudent decisions anywhere at any time while improving operational efficiency.

Learn more about ARTiS™ Cloud Business Intelligence


Systematically optimize your sales-planning process and deliver improved results

Design smarter, more profitable sales territories and keep them optimized in an ever-changing market. Perfect sales plans from the field and help reps execute their plans with precision.

Learn more about Javelin™ for Sales Planning


Design and manage sales goals and sales compensation plans for your sales force

Automate your sales compensation calculations. Establish fair and motivating sales goals, refine them at a local level and define MBOs across all levels of sales systematically.

Learn more about Javelin™ for Sales Compensation


Suggestion Engine™


Optimize customer engagement with timely, relevant and actionable suggestions

Suggestion Engine™ uses advanced data science to analyze key organizational data assets that uncover changes in customer behavior. Sales reps used these insights to develop an effective approach to customer orchestration.

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