Technology Solutions

REVO Analytics™

Revolutionize your entire organization with industry-specific analytics


REVO Analytics™ is an industry-specific platform that leverages ZS’s 30+ years of analytics expertise. REVO is designed to help companies embark into the new frontier of analytics. The ready-to-use platform means that companies won’t have to develop their own internal capability, which can be a multiyear initiative. More specifically, companies can achieve the following benefits with REVO:

- Easy access to vetted, next generation technology, data and computing power

- Tailored insights for business roles across the organization, tapping into currently unused data, as well as traditional data sources

- Enrichment of technology and analytics quotient by using a platform built upon Cloud, Big Data and open source tools

- Advanced decision-making with next-generation analytics applications that apply machine learning algorithms, including natural language processing on a variety of structured and unstructured data, such as patient-level data, social media and real-time streaming data

- Movement from exploratory analytics to repeatable and efficient analytics with appropriate governance at each stage

- Minimize cost of overruns, data duplication and data mis-management