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ZS and PROS Partnership

Get data-backed insights that increase your organization’s revenue

Through ZS’s partnership with PROS, a sales-based AI and machine learning solutions provider, clients are improving their revenue management and pricing strategies. ZS’s decades of commercial excellence strategy coupled with PROS’s AI-driven solutions will make your organization more efficient and profitable.

Solutions include:

Revenue management

  • Traditional airlines use labor-intensive, unscientific methods to manage customer demand. ZS and PROS help airlines predict passenger demand, price sensitivity and willingness to pay by studying customer behavior and learning how to influence it, creating more accurate forecasts for bookings and cancellations.
  • ZS and PROS help set prices to maximize revenue from airlines’ flight networks and seat inventory.
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B2B pricing

  • B-to-B companies in industries from pharma to high-tech to travel face an increasingly competitive and volatile economic landscape. Finding more innovative ways to better serve and sell to customers will help address these challenges and put you on the route to success.
  • With ZS expertise and PROS technology, clients can harness machine learning and AI to improve forecasting and allocate their time and budget more effectively.
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Why ZS and PROS?

For more than 30 years, the world’s largest organizations have sought ZS’s and PROS’s expertise to meet their objectives.

Key ZS strengths:

Clients describe ZS as a partner that:

  • Understands their culture and speaks their language beyond industry lingo, engaging with them as peers and working with them to articulate and achieve their goals.
  • Delivers organizational outcomes through:
    • Development of growth and profit-oriented business strategies
    • Deep technical skills that build or update systems and seamlessly execute strategies
    • Processes, frameworks and change management know-how to transform their culture and ensure ongoing success
  • Manage, clean and mine enormous volumes of data and drive actionable insights.
  • Scale the team and match staffing to your requirements, whether one part-time person or dozens of full-time people are needed.

Key PROS strengths:

  • With more than 20 in-house patents, PROS is a leader in bringing new technology and solutions to the marketplace. Powered by AI and machine learning, clients gain competitive pricing strategies and configure and sell their products and services with speed, precision and customer personalization.
  • PROS solutions drive more than 400 million prices and 1.7 billion forecasts in 30 industries around the globe.
  • PROS creates personalized selling solutions with proven AI technology to help clients better respond to their customers.
  • PROS solutions are highly scalable and build personalized, frictionless buying experiences.
  • By creating commerce solutions, PROS is setting the standard for the future of AI and machine learning.
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