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Big Data and Data Scientist Services: Pair Science with Business

Unlock the value of data to drive more profitable decisions

ZS Associates is one of the premier data analytics providers and we are using sophisticated data analytics and business intelligence technology to help our clients find the revenue-generating gems in the Big Data haystack. To win in the "Big Data Gold Rush," CIOs must work to de-silo their organization so they can deliver profit-generating customer insights.

We can no longer categorize customers into broad, generic segments—customers now demand individual attention and personalization. And that’s where data science comes in.

What is a Data Scientist?

Data Scientist

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."
- John Wanamaker, 19th century retail pioneer

Data science addresses an age-old problem and brings science to the art of sales and marketing, so that you can discover "which half" of your marketing spend is effective and do more of it!

There are many definitions of "data science," but for us, it means combining advanced math and statistics with programming and modeling capabilities and leveraging enterprise-class tools, technologies and architectures (i.e. computer science). But these two skills alone are not enough.

To earn the data scientist title, you need a deep understanding of the business domain, so that your hypotheses and analyses ultimately make sense in the real world and can be translated into tangible actions that drive top- and bottom-line growth.

Finding the proverbial needle in a haystack is challenging enough—but if you should have been looking for a thimble, then finding a needle doesn’t help you at all!

Why Partner with ZS?

At ZS Associates, our mission is simple: Be the best data scientists for sales and marketing.

Over thirty five years ago, we helped pioneer the shift in commercial strategy from being determined largely by intuition to being driven largely by data. We were among the first to combine big data analytics and visualization, using complex sales territory data and presenting the analytical outputs in a visual mapping platform to help sales leadership better align their territories for maximum performance.

Our fundamental approach remains the same today: Uncover the truth through quantifiable facts about what works, informed by an unrivaled, deep business understanding of sales and marketing.

Over the past 35 years, our 6,000-plus professionals in more than 20 offices worldwide have helped Fortune 500 companies not only uncover deep insights in complex data, but also turn those insights into implementable actions.

At ZS Associates, we translate insights into real-world actions and value for key decision makers; actions that have been proven to drive top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability for our clients.

We are your data science partners.

ZS Associates Case Study

Leading Credit Card Company


Business Problem

  • Top outbound sales agents close 300% more business than the average
  • How to elevate the average to perform like the top?

ZS Approach

  • Map the call process to the collected call data (millions of records)
  • Data analysis to identify leakage points and actions to mitigate
  • Call frequency and time of day optimized by individual customers
  • Entire outbound call process reengineered to deliver maximum sales

Impact Delivered

  • 20% improvement in sales per call in the first month
  • 35% improvement in overall profitability
  • Higher customer and employee engagement due to reengineered process

ZS Associates Case Study

Global Internet Services and
Retailing Company


Business Problem

  • Customer surveys produce significant amount of unused data
  • Existing reports too high-level to drive action
  • Reporting focused on trending with limited insight into root causes

ZS Approach

  • Refocus surveys on gathering the most critical customer experience data
  • Integrate survey results with secondary data to derive deeper customer insights about customer advocacy and customer satisfaction
  • Develop text analytics algorithm to identify key themes for at-risk customers

Impact Delivered

  • Ability to identify and act on the root causes of changes in customer sentiment
  • Cultural shift from reporting metrics to a focus on improving customer experience
  • Wider organization now using insights to enhance the customer experience

ZS Case Study

Leading Biopharmaceutical Company


Business Problem

  • Legacy sales reporting systems unable to support dynamic business needs
  • Agile platform required that could ultimately be leveraged beyond sales

ZS Approach

  • Business consultants mapped current and future needs
  • Designed an engine-driven architecture within the client’s IS best practices
  • Designed with future flexibility as a requirement to support business agility

Impact Delivered

  • Unprecedented 91% adoption rate by field users
  • Architecture reused for other business functions with cost and timeline savings
  • e.g. New report with 5 new data sources developed & deployed for Marketing in only 6 weeks