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Commercial Technology Strategy: Improve Effectiveness

Make better decisions, better investments and, ultimately better performance

Organizations are facing increasing demands from market changes and shifts in the way products are sold and distributed. There is an impetus to pair business needs with innovative technologies and solutions like cloud computing and mobile applications to help reduce costs and increase profits by integrating business requirements with technology. 

ZS can help you define a holistic commercial technology strategy that measurably improves your sales and marketing effectiveness by leveraging technology to inform, influence, acquire and retain more customers in order to play a critical component in keeping you ahead of your competition. 

Establish the vision

Articulate your commercial organization’s vision, identify key capability gaps and measure business objectives to outline a solid commercial technology strategy to improve effectiveness and profitability. 

Create the solution roadmap

Focus on internal stakeholder information needs, key performance metrics and data governance structures to design the solution architecture, develop strategic roadmaps and deploy frameworks for assessing vendor performance that measure commercial effectiveness and provide business insights to make your organization more effective. 

Govern change management

Identify drivers to successfully implement organizational change that drives business intelligence and operational excellence for the commercial organization. 

Facilitate transformation

Assess the organizational skill and training needs in business, IT and analytics to support the commercial technology strategy and rollout of business intelligence tools.

Create a plan to transform complex and disparate data into insight and action

An effective commercial technology strategy vision outlines how your organization will empower stakeholders to reach more informed conclusions quickly and efficiently.

Aligning the roadmap to the vision is critical for outlining how capabilities will be built to supply stakeholders with critical business information on customers, their behavior and market trends to generate business insights.

ZS can help you use a mix of deep technology and implementation experience, coupled with world-class sales and marketing domain expertise to empower your organization to build a blueprint for a commercial technology strategy that is defined by a strong vision and a roadmap for the future.

Build the business case

Develop business cases to enable your organization to understand required capabilities and impact relative to costs, build a case and obtain buy-in for technology investments.

Define the roadmap

Articulate a well-constructed commercial technology strategy plan that communicates clear outputs, priorities, processes and frequent milestones that deliver clear, tangible value at every step to align decisions with strategic intent with buy-in from senior management.

Manage stakeholders

Engage with stakeholders throughout the entire process to ensure continual buy-in to avoid common pitfalls and maintain momentum for transformation within your organization.


Deliver additional value from your commercial technology investments

As an organization grows, builds new capabilities and leverages new technologies, it becomes ever more difficult to understand the patchwork of business processes, technology and manual input systems that have been stitched together. As a result, non-optimal, inflexible solutions consume too much time and effort to maintain and support with limited resources. 

Solution architecture can help by diagnosing gaps, improving the way technologies interact and connect with one another, making it easier to accommodate future solutions and allowing you to effectively deliver business insights to the right stakeholders. 

ZS can assist your organization by using our deep understanding of the underlying industry-specific business issues that must be addressed to shape a solution architecture that will allow your commercial technology strategy to succeed. 

Conceptualize the architecture

Develop a future-state solution vision that maps out how your commercial technology strategy can be realized with an appropriate solution architecture using an audit of business requirements and technical considerations. 

Prioritize implementation

Create tangible results quickly to maintain momentum, visibility and support by leveraging a prioritization framework to achieve quick wins based on a balance of business-need urgency and implementation complexity. 

Facilitate adoption

Maximize the value of solution architecture by incorporating people, stakeholders and business processes to allow a commercial technology strategy and its implementation to be adopted successfully.

Integrate commercial operations by maximizing value, while minimizing risk

It is critical that operations continue to run smoothly for the sales and marketing organization before, during and after the merger, while minimizing risk. This means curtailing downtime, maintaining data quality and providing timely, accessible information to all stakeholders despite potential disruptions to standard operations. 

The creation of a strong, well defined commercial technology strategy must include buy-in from senior management to successfully integrate operating units and functions that have different business objectives. 

ZS can lead your organization through this challenging time of opportunity by offering vision development, implementation planning, change management, risk identification, roadmap design and transition support to help you merge technology and business intelligence solutions for commercial operations. 

Craft a vision

Employ a holistic methodology to develop a comprehensive vision of the post-merger organization that incorporates its people, technology and business processes to maximize the strategic and operational benefits of a merger. 

Create the implementation plan

Create a detailed future-state solution and path forward that integrates stakeholders from throughout the organization to define a roadmap for implementation that explains how your organization will implement the commercial technology strategy to get to the post-merger state quickly and effectively. 

Leverage transition support

Aggregate and host data with a secure third-party hosting solution during the merger process to address compliance regulations and stakeholder concerns before your organizations are formally merged. 

Govern change management

Identify drivers to successfully implement organizational changes necessary to achieve the commercial technology strategy vision. 

Minimize risk

Perform due diligence in advance of the merger to assess current technology, support requirements for existing infrastructure, potential synergies, business risks and the financial implications of integrating technology and processes to understand, anticipate and address potential future risks in advance.