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Technology Solutions

Shorten your planning cycle for the sales process to gain a competitive advantage

Use an integrated business-planning approach that optimizes sales process and automates manual sales-planning procedures to help you quickly gather data on local market conditions and enable the sales force to adjust faster.

> Learn more about Agile Commercial Planning


Extract insights from analytics and data mining to unlock value from your business

Navigate through a sea of data discovery to find key insights by leveraging powerful analytical tools, data mining and processes to make better business decisions and focus on activities with the greatest impact on sales and profitability.

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Reinvent the way you sell with the power of cloud computing

Transform the established selling model by moving beyond operational efficiencies to help sales and marketing functions make strategic, insight-driven, prudent decisions anywhere at any time by combining the cloud, dashboards, BI and mobility.

> Learn more about Cloud Business Intelligence (BI)


Design superior customer experiences by connecting customer touch points with CRM

Leverage the latest CRM and mobility technologies to streamline and automate business processes, provide stakeholders a 360-degree view of the customer, promote deeper business insight and keep everyone focused on customer acquisition and retention.

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Elevate the value of dashboards and reports to improve adoption and communication

Shift from just reporting information by focusing on communicating just-in-time, personalized, context-relevant intelligence to deliver actionable insights with dashboards and reports that demonstrate value to the business.

> Learn more about Dashboard and Report Implementation


Build data management systems to empower the underpinnings of your business

Combine people, processes and technology to achieve a scalable data management solution that helps your organization make impactful decisions anywhere around the world at any time using easily accessible, high-quality, relevant information.

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Increase sales and marketing effectiveness through mobility

Rethink the way your organization sells and markets offerings with the power of mobility to substantially boost productivity, customer interactions, and customer and employee satisfaction by integrating BI and mobile technology.

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