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Agile Commercial Planning

Shorten Your Sales Planning Cycle to Gain a Competitive Advantage

With tremendous pricing pressure, competition from generics and other factors squeezing growth and profitability, life sciences companies today must get far more out of their extensive sales operations on much lower investments. Spending as much as 10% of revenue on the sales force, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies need to generate much higher returns—and do so quickly.

An integrated business planning approach can help companies improve returns and shorten the sales planning cycle. To do this, companies must have:

  • A flexible sales process that can incorporate market knowledge, adapt to local business conditions, and enable quick feedback
  • An integrated technology platform that ties all steps of sales planning (territory management, sales call planning, sales compensation, etc.) together, reduces hand-offs, and shortens the sales planning cycle

Sales planning must evolve from a long, sequential and cyclical process to a new dynamic model—and agile commercial planning can help drive this transformation.

Dramatically Shorten the Sales and Operations Planning Cycle Through Agile Commercial Planning

Agile Commercial Planning is an integrated business planning approach used by ZS to help numerous life sciences companies rapidly improve the way they deploy their sales force: structuring sales territories, devising account strategies and tactics, mapping out sales calls, determining sales compensation models, and making other preparations for brand launch. Agile Commercial Planning leverages ZS’ Javelin software suite to automate key steps in the sales planning process, which helps companies reduce costs and shorten their sales planning cycle.

ZS can help you refine your sales planning process much more frequently; you don’t have to wait months to make changes that are critical to responding to rapidly shifting local, regional and national markets.

ZS’s Agile Commercial Planning is an integrated business planning approach that optimizes sales processes and automates manual sales planning procedures. Our approach also helps companies quickly gather data on local market conditions and enable their sales force to adjust faster.

Why Partner with ZS to Transform Your Sales Planning Process?

Why do clients work with us to make their sales planning truly agile? We believe it’s because of our unrivaled knowledge of life sciences sales and marketing operations. We have built our expertise on 30 years of consulting on sales and marketing to leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices companies around the world.

ZS’s agile sales planning services also capitalize on our leading sales operations software, the Javelin™ software suite.

Our Javelin™ software has been developed based on 30 years of experience with life sciences sales operations; it is the only software suite that automates every step of the sales planning process. With modules for sales territory alignment and call plan design and refinement, account planning, mobile routing and scheduling, and establishing and monitoring sales compensation, Javelin has helped dozens of life sciences companies measurably boost the productivity of their sales forces.