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Big Data: Shift your business decisions from reactive, to proactive

Game-changing insights are within reach

Move past noise to use the rising volume, variety and velocity of big data

The pace of technology has created an avalanche of data that has only accelerated. Organizations are paralyzed with massive amounts of data and noise, yet your sales and marketing organization must exploit big data to maintain competitive advantage.

Leveraging big data requires distinctly different technology and business analytics capabilities. That’s where our Big Data Innovation Lab can help. 

ZS has combined data scientists, big data experts, technologists and leading practices from academia and industry into a cross-functional innovation center that brings to market effective, novel solutions by addressing rapidly evolving data landscapes, harnessing the latest technologies and developing advanced business analytics to extract insights.


Take advantage of big data

Evaluate the business initiative, quantify tangible business value and thoroughly assess available technologies and skill sets with a framework to develop a roadmap for when, where and how to best leverage big data. 

Elevate customer engagement and improve customer satisfaction

Synthesize large volumes of unstructured data at high velocity to better understand how sales and customers interact to provide better engagement models that drive profitability and customer satisfaction. 

Make multichannel marketing a holistic tool to reach your customer

Leverage behavior, social media and sentiment analytics and scoring to develop more valuable, tailored offers based on predictive analytics. 

Incorporate real-world insights to drive action

Integrate a variety of fragmented data sources to create a holistic picture of your business in order to provide actionable insights and gain competitive advantage. 

Boost sales force effectiveness with personalization

Increase the granular understanding of behaviors and preferences in order to improve the personalization of messages and offers to customers.

Deploy data discovery tools so everyone can explore data like a pro

A data-savvy organization often requires scientists and analysts to investigate data to find trends and extract business insights, which can then be communicated to the business to facilitate decision making. 

As data volume grows, the opportunity for additional business insights and analytics grows as long as your organization can leverage that information. All individuals in your organization should be able to quickly and effectively ask and answer their own questions anywhere with mobility solutions. 

ZS can help by deploying interactive, point-and-click, visual data discovery tools that integrate into your existing infrastructure. Deploy a solution quickly and efficiently by leveraging accelerators built upon years of experience gained from understanding your industry and its data sources. 

Even your data scientists and analysts will appreciate how much faster they can discover, synthesize and share information with managed or self-service BI and analytics. 

Focus on generating business insight, not data

Use intuitive, drag-and-drop tools to explore data and focus on the unfolding story, not how to merge, pivot and filter data. 

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Take advantage of unstructured data

Leverage innovative analytics algorithms and data management methods for relating, correlating, managing, storing and finding business insight in the ever-expanding volume and variety of data available.

ZS partners with the following technology platforms to deliver cutting edge data discovery solutions:

  • MicroStrategy®
  • Qlikview™

Convert insights gained from data mining into predictive analytics

Comprehending the enormous volumes and variety of data available to your organization can be a challenge. ZS can help you build a comprehensive, interlinked and consolidated view of your data that will allow you to run data mining and employ predictive analytics to gather business insights to make smarter, more targeted decisions. 

With predictive analytics, discover the hidden relationships within data and use those insights to predict the outcome of future events and customer behavior. Use ZS’s deep expertise in advanced analytics that sift through information using data-mining techniques that include statistical mining, regression analysis, machine learning, and natural-language processing to incorporate and deliver insights from both structured and unstructured data sources.  

Understand your customers' needs before they do

Respond to real-time customer behavior with predictive analytics that provide geospatial, context-aware business insights to help you anticipate new opportunities and act more quickly and effectively than your competition. 

Improve operational efficiency

Reduce the time the sales force spends reading reports and synthesizing key insights to help them focus on selling. 

Enable your sales force

With a mobile alert platform, raise the bar across your sales team by enabling impactful conversations with customers by using tailored messages that anticipate and address customer needs before they are realized. 

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