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Business Analytics: Transform Data into Business Insights

Maximize competitive advantage with data-driven business analytics

Maintaining and extending competitive advantage in today’s environment hinges on the ability to gain business insights from data. Business analytics transform data into actionable insight that allow your organization to make smarter, more informed decisions at the right time and at the right location.

Whether it’s tracking performance, having a 360-degree view of the customer, optimizing the business, driving action or managing risk, ZS can help you achieve competitive advantage by pairing deep expertise in your industry, gained over decades of experience, with the right technologies.

Take action on data

Implement advanced tracking capabilities using key performance indicators (KPIs) that empower you to align strategic objectives, better monitor performance, develop business insights and drive action. 

Gain a 360-degree view of the customer

Build a comprehensive, consolidated 360-degree view of the customer to enable your organization to make real-time, context-aware decisions that optimize business insights, elevate customer interaction and maximize value. 

Pinpoint where your organization can improve effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of initiatives, impact and ROI with predictive, analytical models to show more precisely where and how your organization can improve.

Comply with regulations and obligations to manage risk

Minimize your organization’s regulatory burden through fully tested systems that enhance adoption and minimize failure points with proven processes and approaches such as early detection, event monitoring and tracking to effectively manage, communicate and comply with regulations and obligations. 

Leverage managed services

Quickly deploy a business analytics and insights solution with an extremely low total cost of ownership that helps your organization make better business decisions and focus on activities that have the greatest impact on sales and profitability. 

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