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CCM Technology

Deliver a better customer experience with our integrated, cloud-based campaign and data management solutions that enable agile decision-making, increase commercial effectiveness and boost operational efficiency.

Run Stronger Campaigns With Customer Data

ZS unearths critical insights from campaign performance data so that you can make your promotional campaigns more effective. Our comprehensive cloud-based marketing data infrastructure, or customer data repository, combines diverse data sets to produce a three-dimensional view of your customers and their buying behaviors. The customer database integrates structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, and can be accessed through a traditional relational data platform or an enterprise data lake solution. Key features of the customer data repository are:

  • Specific data model and processes for healthcare providers and patients
  • Pre-built integrations for diverse data sets from marketing, call activity, sales, managed care, etc.
  • Flexible data ingestion and agile onboarding of channels/agencies using a well-defined campaign coding process and standard data adapters
  • Robust data quality management (DQM) processes
  • Pre-built metrics to empower target list generation, brand dashboards and advanced customer-centric marketing analytics
  • Hosted or on-premises offerings available

Interface Efficiently With Your Data

Customer-Centric Campaign Planning and Execution

ZS helps you plan, design and execute customer-centric promotion plans and strategies through the following capabilities:

  • Development and implementation of a rigorous approach to marketing operations that drives your customer engagement strategies
  • Marketing automation platform implementation to ensure that your strategic customer journeys can be successfully automated and deployed
  • Integration with ZS’s customer data repository infrastructure
  • Strategic partnership with Adobe on the Marketing Cloud platform

Build, Automate and Deploy Simpler Customer Journeys

Easily Accessible Customer Insights via Dashboards, Reporting and Analytics

ZS offers dashboard, reporting and analytics solutions that provide you with customer insights at the tactical level as well as at the customer journey level, enabling you to easily measure and improve results.

  • Pre-built brand dashboards that provide a longitudinal view of customer behavior and the ability to measure channel effectiveness on a granular level
  • Ad hoc data discovery interface
  • Solutions harness the power of CCM reporting assets, KPI repository and cloud-based or on-premises reporting tools (like Tableau or Qlikview)

Measure Customer Insights More Effectively

Get Better Insights Faster With Rep Orchestration

ZS’s Orchestrator Rep™ mobile app and Orchestration Engine™ embed directly into your CRM system, integrate your multichannel data, and provide your commercial team with customer insights and suggested actions for their next customer interaction. Reps use the analytically derived suggestions from these tools to uncover changes in customer behavior and drive an orchestrated customer experience. The following capabilities help you get started quickly with our rep orchestration offerings:

  • Orchestrator Rep™ mobile app available through
  • ZS’ Orchestration Engine™ tool
  • HCP preference data from ZS’s AffinityMonitor™
  • Two-way Veeva data integration connector (API-based)
  • Comprehensive salesforce effectiveness training and change management services

Sales Rep’s View of Orchestration Engine™ in Veeva CRM