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CRM Solutions: Increase Value of Customer Relationships

Build stronger, lasting links with CRM that benefit both you and customers

Organizations are rethinking their customer relationship management (CRM) strategies and approaches to differentiate themselves. 

Businesses acknowledge the value of CRM as a key enabler for competitive advantage, but historically have struggled to turn CRM ambitions into successful implementation. 

Due to a renewed focus toward customer-centricity across industries and the emergence and availability of modern CRM technologies,  organizations are revisiting their overall CRM strategies to design superior customer experience. 

Success in CRM requires deep understanding of sales and marketing organizations and interlinked processes to help shape a commercial agenda. ZS can integrate our expertise in go-to-market strategies that incorporate CRM programs alongside our innovations in analytics and mobility to help clients achieve lasting customer relationships. 

Establish a plan for enabling a customer-centric approach

Build a strong CRM vision with a supporting business case, value proposition, implementation plan, solution blueprint, and roadmap to help organizations design CRM programs that enable customer centric commercial models. 

Reduce time to value

Shorten CRM project life cycles by leveraging our extensive industry expertise, assets and accelerators that provide off-the-shelf, industry-specific modules and libraries. 

Obtain high engagement and adoption of CRM implementation

Discover, design, configure and test forward-thinking solutions by leveraging ZS’s industry-specific experience in CRM consultation that is supported by strong program and change management processes. 

Utilize operational support to optimize impact

With ongoing operational support of CRM to train, deploy, maintain and optimize implementations.


Frame customer experience by understanding their perspective, not yours

Most CRM implementations today are organization-centric or brand-centric. We define business scenarios, process flows and metrics to understand and track customer touch points without a deep empathy toward how customers perceive and interact with the organization.

We believe that forward-thinking organizations must focus on enabling customer-centric engagement models to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

ZS can help your organization design CRM that is aimed at enabling superior customer experience, transforming insight into foresight and radically improving the commercial organization’s effectiveness through the use of technology.

Deliver the ideal customer experience

Understand how customers perceive touch points in order to develop the ideal experience, proactively recommend the most relevant offer, suggest the right sales channel and instantly adapt the approach to maximize revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Develop customer-centric CRM vision

Link key business objectives to your strategic vision to enable a customer-centric engagement model.

Create a transformation roadmap to succeed

Develop an overall CRM implementation roadmap based on business impact potential, implementation complexity and organizational readiness.

Deliver true organizational impact by starting with the sales rep

CRM implementations often risk not meeting business stakeholder objectives and becoming just another technology implementation without delivering true business value to end users.

A business vision that is accurately translated into solution design and operational requirements is required to deliver true organizational impact.

ZS can help organizations transform their CRM vision into a powerful, enabling solution design by focusing on understanding the “day In the life” processes for sales reps, designing solution architecture to support end state vision, orchestrating CRM vendor evaluation and selection, and developing niche business applications to supplement CRM technologies.

Develop “day in the life” processes to make reps more efficient

Improve daily sales processes using our extensive experience in designing sales organizations, years of field observation studies, and effective use of CRM and mobile technologies to make your sales team more efficient.

Design solution architecture to be more effective

Design overall CRM architecture and integrate solutions with data, mobility and analytics infrastructure to drive sales force effectiveness.

Orchestrate CRM vendor evaluation and selection for tailored solutions

Develop objective frameworks and evaluation processes to help clients select appropriate CRM solutions for their business.

Build niche applications to supplement CRM technologies

Create mobile business applications that enable specialized vertical processes (e.g., targeting, multichannel engagement, account planning) and integrate with traditional CRM solutions.

Employ effective change management to implement successful CRM

Organizations must not only develop a solid CRM solution from suitable technologies, but must also employ effective program governance and change management strategies to align internal stakeholders and processes with customer experience objectives.

We believe successful CRM deployments that deliver competitive advantage require tight alignment between business and IT functions. Often, a lack of common understanding and involvement across business and IT leads to poor adoption of CRM systems.

Our primary objective is to help organizations embrace modern CRM innovations and avoid typical implementation pitfalls through a robust and thorough change management plan. A plan that needs to be inclusive of all stakeholders, outlines a clear vision, and reinforces the benefits and rationale for change.

ZS can help your organization bridge the gap by establishing a strong program governance structure and change management plan to facilitate adoption—with both business and IT.

Facilitate transformation and communication to drive adoption

Develop a plan to involve stakeholders in the CRM project implementation by using benefit analysis, sponsorship, communication, business processes, metrics and training proactively.

Deploy governance models to make implementation a success

Implement a strong, comprehensive cross-functional governance and communication plan to create a change management plan that ensures accountability, support and guidance for the changes that come with CRM implementation.

Shift to a new way of thinking with a robust plan for training and adoption

Most organizations incorporate training as an afterthought, which leads to ineffective methods that translate into user resistance, poor stakeholder satisfaction and an overall ineffective transition to any new CRM system.

Training needs to be a central part of the change management process to ensure the new way of thinking is embedded throughout the organization. There must be internal champions armed with training materials, best practices and case studies to maintain adoption momentum long after initial rollout.

Champions must have proper support to sustain user engagement by addressing feedback, manage ongoing changes and provide strategic inputs to optimize the CRM solution over time.

ZS can help your organization use training technologies that build how-to skills that are highly relevant and immediately applicable to accelerate adoption, institute a lasting approach and build user satisfaction. We can help establish frameworks and metrics to monitor the adoption of the CRM program and devise strategies that can foster better utilization.

Train the trainer to maintain momentum

Build lasting change by designing specific materials, training trainers and supporting designated internal champions to train others in the future.

Develop CRM adoption strategies to drive acceptance

Mitigate the risk of user resistance by understanding why users feel uncomfortable with changing their routines and adjusting to a new way of working in order to create opportunities to demonstrate value.

Optimize the CRM solution to extract the most value

Work with ZS to address feedback, adapt to changing business requirements and new-use cases by facilitating system requirement gathering and prioritization exercises to refine the roadmap.