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Dashboard and Report Implementation: It’s Insight, Not Data

Empower leaders to steer their businesses in the right direction

An effective dashboard is a critical asset that provides an at-a-glace view of business performance so that your organization can gain business insights and also identify actions while ensuring the right stakeholders make the right decisions anywhere with mobility solutions that provide the right information at the right time.

With decades of industry experience, ZS can offer prebuilt dashboards that integrate the latest BI technologies with best practices in metric definition, user experience and design, development and delivery, and governance of dashboard and report implementation to focus your business insights and associated actions.

Design flexible and insightful dashboards to address business needs

Design dashboards to support decision making, not reporting, to maximize business insights and incorporate a governance plan to actively manage and evolve reports as the business grows.

Reduce time to value

Implement dashboard solutions that integrate with your existing infrastructure and information systems quickly and cost-effectively with a suite of accelerators that provide off-the-shelf modules with standard, industry-specific best-practice functionality.

Focus mobility on real-time decision making

Exploit the power of mobility with real-time connectivity, context and location awareness, inherent interactivity and high-impact visualization to provide business insights and drive action quickly, when and where it’s needed most.

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Leverage managed services

Combine the vast knowledge, skills and expertise of our people in technology and operational excellence to achieve intuitive dashboards that promote business insight and action in an end-to-end, mobility-focused business intelligence solution.

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Gain business insights from synthesized data collected over time

Analytical dashboards use sophisticated algorithms, what-if analysis and data visualization tools to identify trends and opportunities that help align strategic objectives and goals with commercial initiatives.

These analytical dashboards convert insights into action gained from predictive analytics derived from data. Use analytical dashboards to set strategic goals for tomorrow based on today.

ZS can help design and build analytical dashboards that help your organization understand what happened, why and what course corrections should be made in the future to drive the business forward anytime and anywhere with mobility-oriented solutions.


Capitalize on dashboard foresight

Align results with strategic objectives and establish criteria to understand business process performance using well-designed key performance indicators (KPIs) and the foresights that will be delivered through action-oriented insights.

Steer your business forward with user-centric dashboards

Build appropriate dashboards to provide consolidated views of the business based on the questions and decisions that need to be made. Align the different types and views of information executives, sales and marketing require in order to optimize the creation of business insights, provide actionable results and maximize value.

Personalize content to drive adoption

Focus on dashboards that can be tailored for individuals to provide a customized solution that caters to how each person individually perceives and reacts to information to drive adoption and make better decisions.

Improve effectiveness

Track the effectiveness, impact and ROI of strategies and marketing programs with intuitive, user-centric dashboards that show exactly where your organization has succeeded and can improve.

Monitor the business using continuous, real-time data

Operational dashboards provide real-time data and status tracking that help manage daily business processes requiring quick response to both new opportunities and areas of concern.

These operational dashboards help your organization generate alerts and raise operational issues as they arise. Use operational dashboards to track performance, identify bottlenecks and benchmark against strategic goals to understand when to make course corrections.

ZS can help design and build operational dashboards that provide your organization with a persistent view of what is happening to respond to market feedback and refine business strategy on an ongoing basis.

We differentiate ourselves by not just aggregating data but also aligning with key business objectives—specific to your industry—with our deep knowledge and experience.

Maximize the potential of a product by focusing on launch

Set up your product launch for success by monitoring real-time launch performance and making course corrections critical to the long-term success of a product.

Address bottlenecks in the business process

Provide a real-time, mobile view of your business operations to enable your organization to identify and quickly respond to and track issues and events that impact operations.

Enable better monitoring of regulatory adherence

Track regulatory compliance and contractual obligations with a real-time data collection, tracking and dashboard reporting platform that keeps your organization well-informed of any potential issues as they occur.

Deploy product launch tools critical to the long-term success of a product

Today’s organizations are global in nature, develop and market ever-increasingly complex products, and must address unique requirements for emerging markets. These challenges represent obstacles to support successful product development, product launch and ongoing operations post-launch.

Organizations need best practices and appropriate dashboards to manage cross-functional processes, coordinate efforts across global teams and efficiently leverage resources across the organization.

ZS can leverage a comprehensive framework and solution to help your organization design and build out product launch dashboard capabilities with industry-specific experience in product life cycle management (PLM) analytics and technology.

Maximize product life cycle management

Establish criteria to evaluate product development performance and strategic objectives using well-designed key performance indicators (KPIs) to better monitor performance, assess dependencies and mitigate risk during the different stages of product development, launch and support.

Manage product development

Implement robust dashboards that provide meaningful reports, track the progress of teams, manage the budget, analyze dependencies and conduct what-if scenarios to understand impact on time to market, from conception to product launch.

Mitigate the risk of delays and bottlenecks

Align objectives and strategy across global functions and teams to effectively understand interdependent deliverables and milestones, manage time-to-market risks and report issues to senior management with an executive product life cycle management dashboard.