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Data Management: Exploit Data, Your Most Powerful Asset

Build information systems to empower the underpinnings of your business

Strong data management around your customers, their profile, results, promotional activities and preferences is critical for enabling agile decision making, improving productivity, increasing sales effectiveness and boosting operational efficiency.


Without effective data management, issues can arise that lead to mistrust, cost escalation, organization confusion and loss of credibility within the organization and with customers alike. A strong data management solution must be built with the flexibility to handle both today’s and tomorrow’s data sources with greater focus on social, unstructured data.

ZS can help your organization obtain reliable, accurate and timely information to make effective business decisions using information systems that combine best-in-class technology, forward-looking data source flexibility, accelerators and deep industry knowledge.

Provide actionable insight anywhere at anytime

Offer stakeholders the insight to make impactful decisions anywhere around the world at any time using easily accessible, high-quality, relevant information.

Process data efficiently while maintaining accuracy to boost credibility

Incorporate data processes with real-time, reliable and accurate quality management systems to effectively acquire, cleanse and validate information from both structured and unstructured data sources.

Mitigate regulatory risk

Establish transparent processes using information systems designed to promote compliance with regulatory requirements, secure data, and protect privacy.

Construct a data warehouse to serve as the backbone of your analytics

Critical to the success of any organization is the ability to guarantee a reliable data infrastructure that provides high-quality, readily available information to those who need it anywhere, at any time.

Without a structured, cohesive analytical data warehouse, your internal clients will not be able to provide timely, consistent and accurate analytics that your business relies on.

ZS can help build optimally designed data warehouse, data marts and analytical sandboxes that integrate diverse sales, marketing and financial data to help you gain deep business insights and allow you to focus on activities that improve overall performance.

We can provide fast time-to-value by leveraging accelerators and off-the-shelf modules with standard functionality, developed for your industry and equipped to handle emerging data sources and Big Data.

Deploy quickly

Leverage an out-of-the-box business intelligence software solution that provides immediate end-to-end data management, analytics and reporting to address critical business questions specific to your industry.

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Tailor-fit to your business needs

Incorporate accelerators to build from a set of baseline functionality that embraces more flexibility, choice of technologies, scalability and comprehensive capabilities that can easily link to legacy systems.

Structure and automate DQM to monitor and stay ahead of data issues

Accurate information is essential to make the right business decisions. Data quality management (DQM) can help your organization check for data errors and inconsistencies before anomalies undermine confidence in your data management capabilities.

ZS can help your organization build a robust, automated DQM engine to ensure accuracy of information while reducing human involvement. Reserve employee involvement for diagnosing computer-flagged data issues and applying judgment to take corrective action.

We can help you enhance your existing capabilities by improving reliability, confidence and efficiency using automation, improved processes, data stewardship dashboards and tools.

Deploy quickly

Assemble your solution from a comprehensive DQM library using an extensive database of prebuilt quality checks and quality management best practices for standard data sources in your industry to immediately improve data quality and build credibility.

Tailor-fit to your business needs

Design and implement a data management and DQM solution with the appropriate technology stack and tool configuration that incorporates process maps, data flows, business rule definition and optimal quality management algorithms.

Implement powerful dashboards to manage information

Drill down into specific data issues to take corrective action using traffic light dashboards that direct attention and resources to where they are needed most.

Utilize operational support

Manage your ongoing, effective data stewardship guidance and delivery while leveraging local industry expertise.

Leverage managed services

Combine people, processes and technology to achieve a scalable, worry-free DQM solution that delivers an end-to-end data quality management solution that runs the data cleansing process, manages vendors and supports internal stakeholders who have limited resources.

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Create a single, trusted source of truth for your business data with MDM

A well-integrated and unified view of customer data is critical to support a range of commercial business processes to better understand your customers, increase revenue, reduce costs and manage risks.

Organizations face unique challenges around business needs, modeling customer relationships, data stewardship and integration of new data sources. A well-thought-out master data management (MDM) strategy is the key to addressing these challenges.

ZS can help your organization build a robust MDM solution, with experts who understand the nuances around commercial data volatility and ambiguity, and the need to augment MDM data sources with field input processes. We can help you navigate these issues by ensuring MDM is a long-term program, cultivated by a strong data governance process and developed using a roadmap with frequent milestones that deliver clear, tangible value at every step.

Develop a data governance framework

Align strategy, define objectives and establish policies for enterprise information that is supported by a well-defined charter, clear roles, established processes and tools to build a strong MDM strategy.

Deploy quickly

Improve comprehensiveness and accuracy, drive down costs and reduce MDM implementation time using ZS’s ready-to-use industry-specific accelerators that provide off-the-shelf modules with standard best-practice functionality.

Tailor-fit to your business needs

Design and implement a MDM solution configured to your organization and that provides end-to-end, automated processes with built-in visual user interfaces for simple, flexible data governance that boosts revenue, reduces operational costs and improves risk management.

Utilize operational support

Provide ongoing MDM implementation support, data stewardship services and performance management, and conduct process efficiency evaluation so your commercial organization maintains momentum and competitive advantage.

Leverage managed services

Create a single source of truth for all data using a reliable, low total cost of ownership, master data management cloud solution that provides a self-service experience to business users that improves the bottom line with limited resources.

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