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Enterprise Mobility Services

Increase Commercial Effectiveness Through Mobility

Mobile devices, big data and analytics technology have the potential to dramatically improve sales and marketing. But to do so, organizations must rethink the very way they sell and market their offerings.

We help companies substantially boost productivity, customer interactions, and customer and employee satisfaction by integrating business intelligence and mobile technologies.

Identify and Implement Technologies and Organizational Changes With Big Returns

ZS’s Enterprise Mobility services help you:

  • Develop a comprehensive enterprise strategy to capitalize on mobility and analytics—one that rigorously evaluates potential investments and maximizes the returns
  • Determine the most appropriate technology platforms through a technology and architecture blueprint, ensuring you make the right technology choices today and in the future
  • Increase commercial productivity by leveraging big data, automated analytics, social media and mobile technologies
  • Get your sales and marketing professionals to embrace and adopt the cultural changes needed to leverage mobile and analytics technologies

Why use ZS to create and execute your enterprise mobility strategy?

  • With our intimate knowledge of sales and marketing, we can identify and implement mobility-use cases with the greatest value for your business
  • Our strategic approach enables you to harness the power of analytical data and mobile devices for dramatic improvements in the way your salespeople sell and your marketers market
  • Our ability to connect commercial and IT, and our integrated approach to building mobile solutions, are unsurpassed. You can trust that our solutions are both game-changing and practical.