Customer Segmentation

Maximize Sales and Marketing Effectiveness by Attaining a Deeper Understanding of Your Customers

Effective customer segmentation derives from a clear understanding of customer needs, buying processes and preferences, value perceptions and potential. It also requires identification and understanding of the critical facts that will drive effective brand strategy, value proposition and sales force design decisions.

ZS can help you address segmentation challenges such as:

  • Which customers are the most receptive and valuable to the brand? How should we target promotional efforts to optimize resource allocation and brand performance?
  • How do decision drivers and unfulfilled needs differ across customers—and how can we tailor marketing strategies and tactics to meet these needs?
  • What type of segmentation approach should we take for each product to maximize the opportunity for our overall company portfolio?
  • How sizeable is the opportunity for each customer segment and how should we address the drivers and barriers within each?
  • How can we use our segmentation strategy to support go-to-market decisions and execution?

Enable Sales and Marketing Strategy and Execution through Actionable Customer Segmentation

Combining marketing science expertise with decades of experience, ZS helps companies around the world develop highly actionable segmentation strategies that drive brand strategy through to tactical execution.

Our segmentation solutions help clients:

  • Establish an optimal growth strategy by assessing key penetration, cross-selling and account acquisition opportunities
  • Develop and implement customer-focused brand strategy, market offerings and value propositions
  • Design effective sales processes and channels based on customer needs, buying processes and potential
  • Optimize marketing mix and sales force resource levels and allocation to maximize growth and return on investment

We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure we leverage the combined expertise and experience of both organizations.